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Vane Savers

Vertical Blind Repair Kits

Vertical Blinds oftentimes need to be replaced in apartments, properties and homes due to the vane slats breaking at the hole where the head-rail stems fit in. This can occur from abuse or over time as Sunlight makes a vane slat become brittle.  

Replacing or having the constant need to replace broken vanes can be a hassle, whether you are a homeowner, tenant, maintenance person or a property manager – and it can be expensive!

JT Blinds is now offering Vane Savers 
What are Vane Savers?

Vane Savers are plastic or metal tabs that easily allow you to reattach your broken vane to the Vertical Blind head-rail.  Below is an example of our plastic Vane Savers.
Peel backing. Fold over Hang Hole. Note: For especially dirty blinds, clean area with detergent and water before applying Vane Saver.

Vane Savers are small and light and can conveniently be kept in pockets, cabinets, and tool boxes. 
Vane Savers are also affordable
Especially in comparison to the cost that comes with buying new vanes or entirely new blinds. 


Vertical Blind Repair Kit Plastic "Vanes" (4 Pack) is $4.95.

Vertical Blind Repair Plastic Vane Savers (100 Ea./Box) $75.00

Metal Vane Savers Zing Plated $1.25 Ea.  NOW ONLY $0.50 ea.

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