You should ask yourself the following questions and your own answers will help you create your own plan to be safe:

  • Does my home have a security system?

  • Has there ever been a time when I have not felt safe in my home?

  • Do I own a dog?  

  • Am I aware of my surroundings?

  • Do I check my windows and doors before I leave for work?  Do I check them before I go to bed?

  • If I live in a house, is there a security door on my front door?

I would like to share an incident that happened to me and my family about two weeks ago:   

I was working on the computer late in the front living room and around 11:30 pm. someone knocked on our front door.  I did not open the front door, because we have one of those small peep doors.  So not knowing who it was I opened the small opening to look outside.  There was a young man there late teens to early twenties, dressed in a dark hoodie and I surprised him by only opening the small peep door.  I don’t think he knew the peep door was there because our Christmas wreath was mounted around it.  Either way he wasn’t expecting it.  He then asks me “Mmmm Mmmm is there a park right here?”  I responded, “What?  There isn’t any park around here.  What do you really want, it’s 11:30 at night and why are you knocking on my front door?”  At that moment I noticed that there was another person riding by on their bicycle also wearing dark clothing.  In my mind I totally realized that this guy and his homeboys were going to try and rob us by home invasion if I had opened the door.  He kept moving his hands in the pockets of his hoodie.  I couldn’t tell if he had a gun or a knife, but I did know right away that this was a serious situation.  Everything was in slow motion as my adrenaline was pumping.  He then proceeded to ask, “Well isn’t there a park on…..”  He named the cross streets.  I responded with “Yes, if you know the area then, why are you knocking on my door and asking me?”  He then took off running as fast as he could up our street.

My wife remembered when she went out to her car about 15 minutes prior,  she thought they saw someone sitting across the street on the curb, but really couldn’t make out who it was.  It is my conclusion that this person assumed that there were only two females in the house and that they could somehow attempt whatever it was they were trying to do.  They just did not expect a man to answer the door and I assume they were expecting someone to actually open the door.  At this point I realized that I need to install a security screen door.  Why not? My own company offers security screen doors and we install them all the time.  Feel free to contact me directly if you require a security screen door just like me.  I can be reached at or visit us at or for contact information.  

I then called the Police to notify them that this happened.  They were going to have squad cars patrol the area and keep an eye out for the description I provided.  I now know that these types of burglars are known as “Knock Knock Burglars.”  There are many news stories regarding these type of home invasions or knock knock burglaries.  It even says on one article that many gangs are known to commit this type of crime.  Smh.

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