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Delrin® by Dupont- An Industry-Leading, High-Performance Acetal Resin.
Delrin® acetal homopolymer combines lubricity and wear resistance with the stiffness and strength needed in parts designed to replace metal. DuPont™ Delrin® acetal homopolymer resin is a highly-crystalline polymer that has high stiffness and strength without the need for glass reinforcement.  When compared to acetal copolymers offered by competitors, Delrin® offers higher tensile strength, stiffness, and creep resistance, and significantly outperforms on impact resistance, allowing for thinner and lighter part design.   In addition, Delrin® offers outstanding low- and high-temperature performance, good colorability, and good mating with metal and other polymers. Delrin® provides dimensional stability in high precision molding and flexibility of design. From auto parts to innovative new medical devices, Delrin® is a premier choice for consumer and industrial solutions.

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all pro vertical blinds

All Pro is our top of the line heavy duty vertical blind track system,designed to withstand extreme tenant abuse in apartments and rentals.  Developed to withstand a maximum of 20 in. lbs of torque before misalignment.  Permanent synchronization and trouble free performance.  Carriers manufactured from Delrin, a self lubricating plastic using superior molding technology and strict quality control standards to ensure years of reliability.  Magnetized end controls to ensure proper closure "No kick back".  Five times stronger then other head rail systems.
Available Standard Colors; Standard Curved Off White, White, & Ivory.  Contract Colors Available; Contract Curved Off White & Ivory.Optional Valances Available.  Channel Panel Valance, Dust Cover L Valance, 3" Crown Molding Valance, 5 1/2" Crown Cornice Valance, and Custom Valances available.Cord and Chain available for handicap units, commercial buildings, and high window operation. 84 stock sizes available and custom sizes.  Curved Vertical vanes manufactured from top quality, lead free resin, and pass all NFPA 701Small Scale flammability requirements.

All Pro Vertical Head rail Specifications
Head Channel -     Extruded aluminum painted ivory, white, or anodized aluminum, measuring width (depth) and 1 5/16” height.  The wall thickness shall allow for adequate strength without any bowing of channel between brackets or drive end.
End Control -        Injection molded Delrin. Tilt Rod - .240” diameter heavy duty extruded aluminum with a hardness rate at “T6” offset notch cross section to prevent misalignment; three point support to distribute torque evenly.
Carrier Trucks -    1/16” minimum wall thickness and  7/16” body thickness; self lubricating Delrin molded parts; trucks traverse on Delrin molded wheels mounted on a protected runway inside channel; Delrin molded worm and spur gears for synchronized and aligned rotation. Carrier Stem -       Louver support hook; injected molded Delrin; built in 185 degree rotation limit and stops to prevent louver damage; hook suspended from center of carrier and is replaceable without disassembling headrail.  Spacer Links -      .010” thick; 5/16” wide heavy duty flexible stainless steel; high polish finish for smooth traversing; die punched connect carrier truck at equal distance. Traversing & Rotation -   Shall be by means of fiberglass wand for grip on end, and wand control unit at the top inside of headrail.  Wand control unit shall have metal plate that connects with magnetized end control for better closing with no kick backs. Equal Spacing -    All headrails shall be equally spaced with the difference being made up at the back end(s) of the carrier row(s) in ¼” intervals per carrier by means of the short link carriers.  Mounting Clip -    .025” thick and ¾” wide heat treated zinc (snap in) plated spring steel. Wall Bracket -      .070” thick and 1 ¼” wide plated steel; no less than 1 ¾” length on wall portion for secure fastening.  Available in 3” and 4” projections.  Mounting clips shall be fastened by means of a bolt and nut. Mounting Screws -           #8 x 1 ½” zinc plated with hex head and slot.
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